Log Your Minutes

The challenge tracking is based on the honor system. You define your daily goal and go for it!

3 Simple Ways to Log Your Minutes.

1. Use an existing tracker you are already familiar with! Strava, mapmyrun, Garmin, etc. You will just need to download and keep track of your total minutes daily.

2. If you are tech savy download our Google Docs log and track your minutes online. You will need access to a Google account to use this log.

  • Please read the instructions before opening the log! HERE
  • Open the log HERE

3. Good ole paper and pencil! All you need is a running total of the minutes you have accumulated. Jot them down each day from June 1 to July 4 and keep adding them up! You can see your progress and get stop information on the Maps page.

Download the MI Stay-Cay Your Way Log Below